Our goal is to bring joy and satisfaction to women, through our exceptional skin and body care products in the DIAMANT 3K® line. Most companies earmark huge amounts for marketing, at the expense of product quality. For us, what matters is the quality of our products and a fair quality to price ratio. This is our vision and our way of contributing to a prosperous, sustainable and fair civilisation, by promoting and living by ethical values and a moral business conduct.

Ruxandra Mircea

Ruxandra Mircea


Bio Getika® is a company running on Romanian capital, born out of the wish of 26-year old Ruxandra Mircea, who has recently graduated an MBA programme at City University of Seattle, to set up a skin care company here at home, because Romania has a tradition in this industry.

Bio Getika® is the first company in Romania and the third in the world to produce a complete line of skin care products based on the innovative diamond powder technology. The formulas for the entire line are exclusive property of the Bio Getika® research team.

Our mission is to create cosmetics that provide complex and complete skin care – to nourish, hydrate, stimulate and protect the skin by means of products based on natural plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins and diamond particles for remarkable results. Our expertise in biochemistry ensures the development of a broad line of creams and applications that benefit the skin, in order to help rejuvenate the skin from the inside and to bring forth its natural beauty.

Our vision is to create innovative products based on state-of-the-art technologies, which jointly contribute to preserving skin health.

We support concrete values in cosmetics production: an ideal balance of complementary natural ingredients, raw materials from verified sources, universal applicability. Moreover, our technology of incorporating diamond particles provides that extra natural radiance that delights the eyes and protects the skin. We have made considerable efforts to get outstanding results.

We are proud to say we succeeded.

The BioGetika team’s commitment to working exclusively with top-quality raw materials enables us to develop premium products in a production flow operated at European standards, to serve all skin types and work in the deeper layers of the skin in order to produce visible and long-term effects.